Clothes for Dolls

High fashion handmade clothes for Dolls

Who is Lolo

Clothes for the American Girl and Journey Girls dolls

All are dolls clothes are made by hand and are unique creations. They are fitted to the 18 inches dolls.

Who is Lolo ?

Of reserved nature I do not like to put myself forward but here is a short summary.

I was born in France in May 1966, became a Parisian by adoption, then joined my husband in Montreal to finally follow him to New York for several years.

The beginnings …

When I was young,  my grandmother began by showing me the basics of knitting, then canvas while I was going through the pleasures of gardening and restoration of ancient objects.

Later, my mother showed me the basics of sewing. With perseverance, I now sew clothes for all occasions. I like to match my clothes with capelins, berets and other kinds of hats.

For dolls’ clothes, to imagine them, to draw them, to put them in shape and to see the end result is very rewarding to me.

A progression over time …

There was the making of felt food phase followed by the sewing of rag dolls with their respective clothes, and finally clothes for a vintage doll and then for dolls of the brand “Journey Girls” and the “American Girls” brand.

But there was also the “origami” phase. I specialize in folding paper napkins for all festive occasions.

I also tested, the creations of menus with dried flowers of the garden, the work of the dough with salt and the desserts for Christmas in paper pulp and many other decorations.

A true passionate.

I wish you a pleasant visit and hope that you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

Have a good day,